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Our team has spent over 9 years within the Cryptocurrency market, we've been doing this for just about as long as we could have been when you consider that Bitcoin was first created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. We have experience in a wide range of blockchain technologies, with involvements in mining farms, cryptocurrency creations, decentralised application designs, day trading, and investment advisements in the past. We use this wide range of skills, to help provide the best service possible on Brisk Crypto.

In this digital age, we all need to move with the times, and with companies such as Facebook, Apple and MoneyGram starting to dip their toes into Crypto. Its time we join the big boys. Historically, we haven't because its been overwhelmingly complicated, associated with un-secure networks, the "dark web"and quite frankly been only tech-geeks playground.

Here at Brisk Crypto we aim to ensure that everyone who wants to invest in Cryptocurrency, can. We all talk about investing in the future, and right now, it's Digital Assets. We want to make Cryptocurrency purchases so simple your Grandmother could do it.

See our blog pages for updates and information about Crypto. If you're new to digital currencies we suggest that you have a read. The links below contain very useful information or tools as well to help you better understand the future of money.